Hiatus Kaiyote at the Fillmore, by Lorisa Salvatin
Hiatus Kaiyote (photo: Lorisa Salvatin)

Photos and words by Lorisa Salvatin

On their 3rd stop to promote their latest album Choose Your Weapon, Hiatus Kaiyote drew in an eager audience at The Fillmore, Tuesday, October 6.  Lead Singer Nai Palm tells the crowd that playing in this city always gives her a natural high.

Los Angeles-based Knxledge opened with his own renditions of old school RnB and Funk samples overlaid with the raps of today’s hit artists like Kendrick Lamar.  He even managed to slip in a mix of Nick Fraser’s “Why You Always Lyin?”

But the night belonged to the Hiatus Kaiyote, who exhibited their magical merge of electronic-esque jazz, soul, and RnB, playing their singles “Breathing Underwater” and “Nakamarra.”  The audience also sang along to favorites, such as “Borderline With Atoms” and “Laputa.”  The band closed off the their set with an improv jam session.  Yet the crowd’s exponential cheers for an encore lured Hiatus Kaiyote to come back out and play “Atari” and “Building a Ladder”.