Future poster

I really think Future Shapes does a disservice to themselves with the self-styled label shitwave. Can’t they go with freak-wave or psych-wave or anything other than that rather disparaging moniker?

Whatever label they feel best captures their unique sound will be on full display tonight at the Rickshaw Stop as they support dream-pop artist Lyla Foy and Nick Diamonds, the songwriter best known for his work in the indie bands The Unicorns and Islands.

It will be interesting to see how the mind-expanding and occasionally nightmarish melodies of San Francisco’s Future Shapes hit the crowd, since they’re probably expecting the relatively tame electro-grooves of Diamonds’ solo work. I’m guessing that at first they’ll be terrified, then perplexed, then hypnotized and, finally, unsure why a band this entrancing would call themselves shitwave.

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Nick Diamonds, Lyla Foy, Future Shapes
Rickshaw Stop
October 6, 2015
8pm, $12-14 (all ages)