I'm Not Mean

Cumstain are known for being sleazy and nostalgic and their video for “I’m Not Mean” does not change that. Actually, it only proves how wonderful their sleazy nostalgia truly is. Watch Sean, Pookie, and Erin get chased by a dinosaur and Hulk Hogan. Although Hulk Hogan is a total sleazeball, it doesn’t mean many still have a very warm part for him in our hearts. Come on, remember the 1991 film Suburban Commando? I used to worship that movie, watching it with wide eyes with my older brothers, and wishing I was cool like Hulk Hogan. Then dinosaurs are just cooler than all of us, also more extinct, making them even cooler.

This whole video with all the crazy special affects and nostalgic easter eggs was self-made by Sean, and I am currently obsessed with the Pookie Moon. Someone should make that a pin or shirt?

If you want to catch this song live with no Hulk Hogan (sorry) go to Leo’s tomorrow night and watch them with not only my favorite band, but Cumstain’s favorite, as well: The Gooch Palms.