Solo projects are most always such a sweet deal, especially because whichever musician is involved gets to explore music on their own terms and without the weight of another bigger project. Such is the case for Naytronix aka Nate Brenner, the touring bassist of tUnE-yArDs. He’s set to release his sophomore record Mister Divine on October 16 on the Berlin-based City Slang Records.

This record, the follow-up to his debut Dirty Glow, was originally conceived of in frantic bits — in hotel rooms, basements, and tour buses, with Dur Dur, William Onyeabor, Khaira Arby, and Dizzy K playing on the stereo. Since Brenner was on tour with Merrill Garbus and company for most of the past four years, his daily life was been a delirious shuffle of touring, and this record is a direct reflection of that experience. Once he was able to settle down to complete the record, he sat down with collaborator and guitarist Mark Allen-Piccolo and percussionist Robert Lopez in the Emeryville recording studio New, Improved Recording to finish what is now Mister Divine. 

You can hear the eponymous single now, which is quite a treat of a track. Brenner starts off with a couple musical teases: a somber atmospheric guitar plucking not unlike a certain Band of Horses song, which is quickly interrupted by some techno-tinged bleep-bloops. Finally, it all comes together to form a funky amalgamation rife with interesting textures and Brenner’s light yet emotion-filled vocals that are treated with the perfect amount of auto-tune. At the surface, it’s a psychedelic and atmospheric jam that recalls the best of chillwave. But there’s this subtle somberness that comes through, bringing a moody vibe to the picture. It pairs well with a cool rainy day, warm sweaters, and leaning your head on the window while reflecting on life in general, and you can listen below.

Mister Divine is out October 16 on City Slang.