Going to see Emotional (Brian Wakefield of Death Records/Melted Toys) is the perfect way to say “I am not over summer, summer is not over, stop trying to tell me it is, because it’s not.” Summer is not over. Summer is never over, and Emotional has the perfect tunes to always remind you that Summer is always in the air. Summer and the freedom that comes with it, are not something that just disappears. I am obviously very emotional about summer.

Overall, Emotional is the perfect solo project to come out of Melted Toys, Brain Wakefield. The tunes still have the new-wave lo-fi sound that Melted Toys is known for, but it’s more bare. More EMOTIONAL, to state the obvious. My favorite songs have to either be the cover of Madonna’s classic “Like A Virgin,” or the song “She Dropped Out Of College” off Animal World. If you’re free tonight and have an extra 8 bucks laying around, then why not be emotional in public with Emotional at The Golden Bull in Oakland?



Trance Farmers, Emotional, Harry Talin, Primitive Ricky
The Golden Bull
September 29, 2015
8pm, $8 (21+)