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Antiphony is a heady, playfully moody minimal hip-hop project based out of California’s Sonoma County. Comprised of the producer/rapper alter egos of Anthony Jimenez, KUMQUATS/LATTES/CIGARETTES is six tracks of staticky excursions into angsty self reflection and fun shots at enemies and ex-lovers. The video debuting here is a six-minute piece spanning two of the EP’s singles, “Acquaintance” and “Departure, Reeling In.”

The video is directed by Guy Henry Mueller, aka Gay Henry, a Bay Area artist well known for his drag-clad, lip-synced performances. Similar to his last venture into video directing, the emphasis is on visuals and their emotional content, rather than a detail oriented plot. Like the music, the video is a colorful collage of different scenes–Jimenez wrapped in a foam sheet in the woods, framed against graffitied walls, and slow motion shots of makeup melting in a bathtub. Someone dances, naked in the woods, while a face-painted, foam-clad Jimenez huddles on a rock.

Antiphony is pretentious and self-aware – he’s “on his tea game,” but doesn’t “fuck with Lipton” – everyone else is “saying the same shit over and over again, like a GIF”; it’s funny and intelligent music made, as the video suggests, somewhere distant and secret–like a bedroom on the Russian River with a bottle of red wine in hand.

Next weekend, Gay Henry will be showing the video at Oakland’s Turpentine Gallery along with a number of other local talents. Check out the video above and the event details here.