Kera and the Lesbians

The first time I ever heard about Kera and the Lesbians was on Sept 6, 2015. Yes, that was only a couple weeks ago. I heard about them on that specific day, because I was in LA and had to go see Diet Cig perform at the Bootleg since I had missed them in SF. I had spent the previous two days at Burger-A-Go-Go and was not ready for this weekend of music to end. The whole time before, my friend, who works for KCHUNG Radio in LA, was raving on about how she had always missed LA locals Kera and the Lesbians play, even at a festival that she had helped host. So, I felt happy that I was there to help her check that off her to do list, because they were a supporting band for Diet Cig that night. I was happy to end a weekend filled with female musicians with even more. Kera and The Lesbians define themselves as “Bipolar Folk” which fits so perfectly because the music, performance, and lyrics show a mix of emotions that comes about with life: The torture, the beauty, and the anxiety. Kera takes control of her loss of control on stage.

This emotionally and beautifully static band is coming to SF on the weekend where folk and bluegrass fills the air with smoke. So after you’re done filling Golden Gate Park’s air with said smoke at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, I suggest you hop over to The Independent as fast you can and catch a band that will not only help your emotions feel understood, but put them to bed for a couple days.

He’s My Brother He’s My Sister, Kera and the Lesbians, Black Hole Oscillators
The Independent 
October 2, 2015
9.p.m. $20 (21+)