Coming all the way from the interstellar city of Newcastle, Australia, where they’re already making a name for themselves, The Gooch Palms are currently my favorite band. I’ve seen them twice this year: Burger Boogaloo and The Chapel SF with Panda Kid and Susan. I have a photo of Kat in my phone with some Mickey Mouse earrings on, which I spontaneously gave her that night at The Chapel, because that was when I fell in love with The Gooch Palms. They have a stage presence that is so vivid and uncontained, which is remarkable because it’s only two of them.

Gooch Palms is the kind of band that can make the saddest wimp smile because they are funny and cute and great at what they do. The moment they get on stage they wave to the crowd with a sweet little dweeby smile that is contagious in the most honest way. Leroy’s voice is reminiscent of 60s garage rock, classic punk, and glam rock. His voice is everything good in the world. They are always decked out in some sort of tight and bright clothing with glitter sweating off their instruments, and last time I saw them, Leroy spat out a beer on the crowd. I felt very punk, which something I’d never really say aloud. I’m just saying, they are amazing and not a band to miss. If you’re looking for a fun night, October 1 might be it.

October 1 is when they’re coming back to Oakland for the first stop off their North America Tour. They are playing with a couple of my Oakland favorites: Cumstain and Slick! One thing is for sure there will be enough happy sleezy feels for everyone. Though there will still probably be that one guy who looks like he hasn’t had fun since 1999. Please, don’t be that guy.

The Gooch Palms, Cumstain, Slick!
Leo’s Music Club
October 1, 2015
9pm, $8-11 (18+)