Widowspeak (Photo: Shawn Brackbill)

Throwback alert: Widowspeak just made a 90s staple sound like a whole other side of the 90s. The Brooklyn-based duo, who just put out their wonderful third full-length record All Yoursembodied their self-described “Cowboy Grunge/Dream Country/Earthtone Pop” sound to cover the 1997 alt-rock hit “How’s It Going To Be” from local stalwarts Third Eye Blind. (Fun trivia: TEB singer Stephan Jenkins graduated from UC Berkeley in 1987 with a degree in English Literature.)

The result is completely and effortlessly lush. Largely without percussion, save for a dissonant rhythmic guitar clap that reverberates throughout, the songs brims with sparse atmosphere and warmth that envelop singer Molly Hamilton’s smoky vocals into a pillowy musical cloud. It brings a mood pretty reminiscent of the magic of Mazzy Star, even down to the crystal clear guitar lines. Though, instead of opting to keep the song’s angst-releasing climax as is, they instead keep the song at the same level and let it burn out slowly. You can just imagine them singing this one to you in your candle-lit bedroom. Take a listen below.

The band is also making a special appearance at the annual Culture Collide festival in San Francisco! More information is below.

Widowspeak (Culture Collide 2015)
Swedish American Music Hall
October 2, 2015
9pm, $20 (21+)