In my downtime I tend to listen to a lot of slow, sad, and lyrical music about emotions that you wish you could ignore. When I’m done ignoring all my problems, I go toward music that may still talk about these very human emotions, but somehow make them a lot more vivid and fun. Instead of making me not want to move from my bed, music like this makes me want to get up and live. Makes me realize that being human doesn’t have to be so miserable.

Local band The Mantles make this kind of music. Their newly-released song “Police My Love” does the job perfectly. Every time I press play I end up just wanting to get up and do something fun. The song is off their new record All Odds End via Slumberland Records, out on October 16.

Their sound is familiar to mid-60s garage rock, but successfully makes it new. Maybe it’s the energy in Michael Olivares’ vocals or the way the band is overall peppy and vintage. They’re not trying to be anyone but themselves and they will throw that in your face. You can see them throw their individuality in your face at their record release party at White Horse Bar in Oakland on October 17.

The Mantles
WhiteHorse Bar
October 17, 2015
Details TBA