Strange Hotel

Photo by Maciej Makalowski

San Francisco-based rockers Strange Hotel have new single out, one that veers in a slightly different direction from their previously established sound. Don’t freak — they still rock. It’s not like they woke up one morning and decided to go folk, ditching guitars for banjos and drums for a washboard. Consider it an interesting tweak rather than an excessive overhaul.

The song is called “Tightrope” and it’s a more atmospheric offering from the four-piece, resembling new wave psychedelia more than the old-school vibe they channeled on their eponymous LP. It’s a laid-back, slow-burning, tom-driven groove with a verse vocal melody recalling ’90s Britpop. The chorus, however, is pure ’70s arena-rock: epic in voice, grand in guitar and completely ready for the big stage.

Hungry Skinny, Hibbity Dibbity, Strange Hotel, Air Surgeon
Elbo Room
September 26, 2015
9pm, $10 (21+)