diet cig

It’s a Monday, so you’re probably feeling the requisite weekend withdrawals. We have the perfect pick-me-up that’ll give your day a proper injection of cuteness and wanderlust: Diet Cig‘s brand new video for their single, “Sleep Talk.”

We’ve been minorly obsessed with this New Paltz, NY-based duo since they signed to local label Father/Daughter back in February and released their buoyantly joyful EP Over Easy. The jams keep on coming with the release of a couple new singles, “Sleep Talk” and “Dinner Date.” But today, we’re here to talk about this brilliant video that perfectly captures the aesthetic of this fun-loving band and their anthemic twee-pop music.

From singer Alex Luciano’s bold lipstick that pops as she playfully mimes out the lyrics to bandmate Noah Bowman, to the egregiously green-screened backgrounds of times and places far and near, everything about the concept is adorably endearing. “It’s hard to pretend this is a vacation,” Luciano sings as their vintage convertible careens out of control and the song goes through an abrupt tempo shift. Though they nearly lose control of the car, they take it all with gleeful smiles. That’s one of the best things about Diet Cig as a band — they exude giddy optimism and it’s goddamn contagious.  Watch below.