love, jerks

To our surprise, the local favorite venue The Chapel was actually once a mortuary. But rather than dwell on the grim beginnings of the hall, two local musicians are embracing the space’s name more literally to ring in their nuptials in a way only two musicians in love could: a rock opera.

That’s right, Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty and Rebecca Bortman of Happy Fangs are set to perform the opera they call “Love, Jerks” as a part of next week’s wedding ceremony. Want a taste of what’s to come? You can peep the opera’s eponymously-titled track, what the two call an “anthem for

[their] pre-coupledom lives,” below.

We hope their marriage will be just as buoyantly joyful as this rock opera is shaping up to be. If you consider yourself a huge fan of either artist, or both — or maybe just love in general — and want to be granted the chance to attend the ceremony, you’re in luck! Bryan and Rebecca are making space for 20 special fan-guests. If you’re lucky enough to receive an invitation, the couple has some advice: “Just be nice to all our high school buddies, and don’t slamdance our aunties.”

Love, Jerks (aka Bryan & Rebecca are getting Rock-Opera Married)
The Chapel
September 26, 2015
7pm, Free w/ RSVP (Space is limited)