Run DMC had their Adidas. Nancy Sinatra famously explained what her boots were all about. And Elvis loved his blue suede shoes.

Footwear and popular music—the two ideas are almost inseparable.

Ok. That’s obviously overstepping (pun intented?) a bit, but there is some basis to back up the intersecting legacy of shoes and music, which is why it’s not that strange that Blonde Redhead—an artsy trio out of New York City—will host a special event at the Doc Martens’ store at 846 Market Street this Tuesday.

The group’s 5 p.m. show—you can RSVP here for the free event—is part of the Stand Up For Something Tour, a joint venture backed by the eponymous shoe store and Culture Collide, a promotional company that specializes in indie rock events. Acts like Twin Shadow and July Talk will also be playing in Doc Martens’ stores across the country.

Along with their in-house appearance at Doc Martens (which will include a DJ set and “special performances”), Blonde Redhead will play two shows at the Independent next week. Their Monday night show is sold out, but there are still tickets available for the Tuesday night gig. The group is still performing behind last year’s Barragan, a spooky, atmospheric album that somehow sounds both modern and medieval.

For all the genres used to describe Blonde Redhead in the past—avant-garde, art-rock, etc.—their most enduring label is probably shoegaze, which if you don’t find particularly prescient for this show, then you just don’t have an appreciation for bad puns. And I feel sorry for you.

Blonde Redhead, Day Wave
The Independent
September 21 and 22, 2015 (Monday show is sold out)
8 p.m. $25