mini and the Bear

San Francisco “power volume” duo mini and the Bear just released a video for their track “xBOYFRIENDx”, and it’s got everything you need for an afternoon with that special someone. A tandem bike? Check. Frolicking in the grass? You betcha. Sparklers in a Tecate can? Lots of screaming? Check and check. SF filmmaker Rob Goc directed and Nick Myggen shot the video, and I think it’s a win:

Mini and the Bear got their start in Michigan as a dance duo, Top Secret Robot Alliance, but later moved separately to San Francisco where they reinvented themselves as a much…louder group. “Power volume” is a “genre” the duo coined themselves, and they’re currently teaming up with local artist Nathan Sharp to release an album – not on vinyl or cassette – but in book format. Amazing. Their latest EP, CA$HFI$T is below, and they will perform at the Golden Bull in Oakland tomorrow night.

Ken Mode, Child Bite, Walken, mini and the Bear, Garret Jamieson
The Golden Bull
September 18, 2015
9:30pm, $10