Oakland trio Halcyonaire immediately caught our ear with their western-influenced soundscapes and lead singer Christopher Damien’s distinct, haunting vocals. Earlier this summer, Halcyonaire released an EP, World Afire, and we’re more than pleased to share with you their visuals for the EP’s title track. They’ve got secret tunnels, a jam in a van, bass playing in an Asian grocer, flaming shoes (the track IS “World Afire”, after all), and a Bart ride complete with a dance crew, (which was unplanned, according to Damien). Driving it all is that wonderful (and somewhat appropriate) train-track rhythm. Watch the Danger Charles-directed Oakland adventure for the first time below.

Halcyonaire’s World Afire expands on their western foundation with more introspective, ballad-esque moments, (such as the first half of “Miss Lonesome”, as well as more upbeat songs such as the title track and “Star Eyes”. There’s a lot to soak in over these five songs – take a listen and click through to purchase: