20th street block party

A wise man once said, the third one is a charm. From the sounds of it, the 20th St. Block Party put on by Noise Pop is going to be better than ever, with an expected turnout of 12,000+ people.

Tucked away in their 20th st. & Bryant St. window, otherwise known as the “secret spot,” Noise Pop has been observing the greatness that is their neighborhood since their beginnings in 1993 — an ever-growing blend of culture, art and food. Way before the Mission District was cool, I might add.

In preparation of Saturday’s festival, we spoke with Dawson Ludwig, General Manager of Noise Pop. And where will Dawson be on Saturday? “Running around with a radio trying to make sure nobody starts a fire!”

In hopes of doing a little “humble bragging” about the neighborhood, as Ludwig says, the 20th Street Block Party was born. Complete with highly curated vendors, top-notch emerging local music, and an exclusive VIP experience, Ludwig describes the party as far from your “chiropractor tent with a $10 off coupon” sort of street fair. Not to mention, general admission is FREE.

If the word free isn’t enough to ruffle your feathers, let’s talk lineup. The quirky Thao & the Get Down Stay Down will be headlining. Thao has been a part of the Noise Pop family from her beginnings & this San Francisco native is capturing the ear of many in California and beyond. What better time to join and dance along with her in her backyard?

Equally as notable is Nick Waterhouse — an immaculate showman with a huge sound. Dominant Legs, who found their origin in Girls, and several others will be joining the party.

If you’re not geeking out by now, there will be a carefully selected array of local food put on by Ne Timeas Restaurant Group, including Flour + Water, who have served as a catalyst and amplifier of the new culture we enjoy in the Mission district today. You will also get the opportunity to learn to make some of these showcased dishes at the demo stage.

At the end of the day, the ambitions of the 20th Street Block Party are modest — “to celebrate the neighborhood, plain and simple,” explains Ludwig. And perhaps one day to bring this sort of event to other neighborhoods.

Enjoy food, music and sunshine this Saturday, September 12 from 12-7pm – because “everyone is trying not to go home and no one is saying goodbye.”

If you’re looking for Dawson Ludwig, start a fire.

20th Street Block Party (Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Nick Waterhouse, and more)
September 12, 2015
20th Street, between Harrison and Bryant Streets
12:00-7:00pm, free