Colleen Green not only is constantly listed as one of the best bands out of LA, but she’s overall just fun and real. She has the capability to sing about anxiety and not make you want to cry. Her songs like “Pay Attention” and “Grind My Teeth” make you want dance off your anxiety and just enjoy the moment. What’s a better way to dance off the anxiety and enjoy life than seeing her live?

I’ve talked to many people who have seen her live and they all had one thing in common: they thought she was amazing. Apparently, there was one show that the cops ended up coming before her set, so she had to whisper her songs and still did a great job. That shows dedication and talent. Dedication and talent that many don’t have, (or at least I don’t have).

Colleen Green has been described as many things ranging from Stoner Bubblegum to Fuzz-Pop to WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE. Green has created music that not only has confronted the fear of growing up, but the acceptance of it as well. Her music just makes me happy, and makes me dive into my insecurities in a way that is positive and reassuring.

Colleen Green, Jaill, The Cherries
Hemlock Tavern
September 13, 2015
8:30pm, $10 (21+)