Shannon and the Clams have been one of my favorite local bands since 2011. They have been a band I’ve supported wholeheartedly throughout the years. A band that I’ve listened to during some of the worst times of my life and a band that has given me some of the best memories of my life. I will always get starstruck when I see Shannon Shaw out and about, because the 19 year old inside me that cried along to her voice just freezes when I see her. They met at the same college I went to (California College of the Arts) and are making albums that never fail to make me feel all the feelings I forgot I could.

This might be the most serious preview I’ve written for The Bay Bridged, but it’s only because my love for Shannon and the Clams expands far past my sense of humor. I’ve made a fool of myself while Shannon and the Clams played, I’ve felt like a fool at many times when I’ve listened to them, and I have even made a fool of myself in front of them. Yet they have made me love the fool inside me and have made me feel alright more times than I can even express.
At the moment, I am listening to their new album (streaming it on Vice) and even though the sound is clearer, it still holds that vintage emotional feeling that is their aesthetic. Gone by the Dawn will officially be out Friday, September 11th from Hardly Art Records, (and was partly produced by Sonny Smith of Sonny and the Sunsets). They’re having the release party that same Friday, at Great American Music Hall. I hear it’s gonna be a beautiful spectacle.



Shannon and the Clams, The Mantles, Silver Shadows, Magnanimous, Teenage Dance Craze DJs
Great American Music Hall
Sept 11, 2015
8pm, $ 20 (All Ages, 6+)