Hot Flash Heat Wave
Hot Flash Heat Wave have only been around a short while in band years — just about two years — but in that time, they’ve put out an EP and a handful of singles, each one gaining more traction than the last. Now days away from the release of their debut full-length, Neapolitan, we asked them a couple questions about where they’re at, where they’re going, and what they’re doing at Burning Man this year.

The Bay Bridged: Can you tell me a little more about how and why you got started as a band?
Hot Flash Heat Wave: We met on Tinder, the date went really well. Enchiladas and vermouth on the rocks. Then we had a foursome and the band was created.

TBB: The Internet (which, as you know, is right about everything) says you met in high school. Where and when was that for y’all?
HFHW: We’re all from Davis and were all kinda in different cliques back then. Just like a ’90s teen movie. Nick was a popular bro-star, Adam was a Christian metalhead, Nathaniel was punk sk8r boi, Ted was an angst indie-art kid with a mohawk.

TBB: How did the idea for the ‘Gutter Girl’ video come about? I really liked it.

"Gutter Girl" – Hot Flash Heat Wave from Hot Flash Heat Wave on Vimeo.

HFHW: Our good friend Patrick Sean Gibson who directed the video had a basic concept. Most of the scenes we’re either unplanned or planned right before we shot. Basically rolling up to different places and having fun with the natural surroundings.

TBB: Where did the name Hot Flash Heat Wave come from?
HFHW: It was delivered by God.

TBB: Your work seems to bounce back and forth between ’80s alternative and, especially on the new singles, ’60s surf. Who would you say are your biggest pre-1990s influences?
HFHW: As far as surf goes, we take influence from the Beach Boys and Santo and Johnny. We’re also really into Tropicalia and Bossa Nova from Brazil which gives us some rhythmic jazzy influence.

TBB: I hate to use the phrase ‘meteoric rise,’ but…you’ve had a pretty meteoric rise in the last few months. At what moment did you realize HFHW was starting to get more recognition?
HFHW: I think it started with recording our debut album Neapolitan last summer at Different Fur. We’ve slowly been releasing that material and playing those songs live, and it’s been awesome and humbling to have people out at our shows and taking interest in what we’ve been working on. The album drops 9/11 and we are having a CD release party at Brick and Mortar on October 9th.

A year ago we were playing really small venues to a handful of friends so it feels good to gain a little ground.

TBB: You guys are on your way to Burning Man today — what’s the plan?
HFHW: We’ve been doing alot of planning for our tour so its gonna be great to go have some fun at Burning and “decompress.” Last year we took a naked bubble bath dance party with over 100 people and accidentally stumbled into a huge orgy tent. Took a lot of psychedelics and played a little HFHW Playa concert with Adam’s little brother filling in on drums. Who knows what this year will bring, but it will definitely be loko.

Hot Flash Heat Wave will be playing at Brick and Mortar on October 8th. Support TBA.