There are many bands I know about now that I wish I knew about when I was thirteen. I wish they had existed. Gladly, there’s still a part of me that will never stop being thirteen. I don’t how good of a thing this is, but I know it keeps me more sweet than bitter.

Pookie & the Poodleznew album Young Adult, out on cassette now by Southpaw Records, is set to soothe your sweet tooth and release the thirteen year old you’ve kept locked away in your ancient ruin of a myspace profile. This album makes me want to cry on the floor over a guy I saw at the mall, then get up, lock my bedroom door, cover my window, take off all my clothes other than my pink polka dot grannie panties, and just hop around dancing frantically and dramatically.

Pookie’s music is for those that are still young, young at heart, or don’t feel like giving in to the classic ideals of what it means to be an adult. Like, just because I tend to buy too many slurpees, collect Lisa Frank stickers, and still can smile doesn’t take away from the fact that I am adult that pays bills.

Anyway, Pookie is heading off to tour and releasing the newest issue of his zine, Diddley_Squat, this week. You can go be cool and sweet by going to the tour kick off and zine release party hosted by Sgraffito Gallery in Oakland tomorrow night. Not only will every page of every zine Pookie has ever done be out for display but they will be available to take home and he will be performing. ALSO, local bands Meat Market and High Anxiety are going to be playing at the kick off too, making it something you should not miss.


Pookie & the Poodlez, Meat Market, High Anxiety
September 9, 2015
8pm, $7