Read it and weep! The line-up for Total Trash 2015 is here!! The world’s grimiest music festival returns with a schedule that only a super fucked-up music fanatic could love: 3 nights, 3 cities by the polluted Bay.

In true budgetrock fashion, weekend passes are ONLY $40! Single day tickets are $20-25. The fest promises an “eat til you bust your gut butt challenge”, “a drink till you puke tournament” and the “dig your own grave spectacular” with prizes beyond your wildest nightmares.

Night 1 kicks off at Berkeley’s 924 Gilman (the sole surviving, members-only, punk paradise from days of yore) with Redd Kross, RaRaK (featuring Total Trash Marcos who also brings us the incredible Burger Boogaloo), The Bananas (straight outta Sac), Side Eyes & Genuine Parts.

Night 2 (Halloween) moves to Oakland Metro Operahouse with DEATH (legendary Detroit punk movie stars), Personal & the Pizzas (Jersey), Midnite Snaxxx, Scraper and Meercaz.

Night 3 is at SF’s Brick & Mortar with….are you sitting down?…the one and only…Memphis madman…T A V…F A L C O’S…P A N T H E R…B U R N S…and if that ain’t good enough, Tav will be joined by Mike Watt on bass. Yes, thee Mike Watt, all-time greatest bass player from the all-time greatest band (Minutemen). Guantanamo Baywatch (Portland’s finest), Cumstain, and The Flytraps open up the evening, which is sure to be the best night of your life (although Monday morning is gonna suck).

What are you waiting for? Get TICKETS HERE!!