Stratford 4

11 years after being recorded, The Stratford 4‘s album Keep Your Crazy Head On Straight has been released this year, and on September 9, the band is playing their first official show since the album was recorded. Recorded by Ric Ocasek, (yes, that Ric Ocasek), who also signed the band to Elektra Records way back in 2003, Keep Your Crazy Head on Straight was set to be the major label debut for the band. A problem: Elektra’s division was sold and subsequently dissolved shortly after the album was recorded. After several battles involving lawyers and labels, Stratford 4 gained control of the record, but by that time, singer Chris Streng had become disinterested and left the band. Rather than start over, the other three members decided to call it quits. Everyone went their separate ways and the album remained unreleased.

Fast forward to 2015, when bassist Sheetal Singh and Streng randomly ran into each other on the street. Fences were mended, and all four original members got on board to self-release the album and play together again. According to Streng, playing together led to booking a few shows, which led to writing and recording together, and will hopefully lead to a new Stratford 4 album in 2016. For now, you can stream Keep Your Crazy Head on Straight below and purchase it on Bandcamp. Although it was recorded in 2004, the shoegaze vibes feel right at home today, while perhaps triggering a twinge of nostalgia. NRVS LVRS and DJ Aaron Axelson join The Stratford 4 at the Rickshaw September 9.

Stratford 4, NRVS LVRS, DJ Aaron Axelsen
Rickshaw Stop
September 9, 2015
8pm, $10-12