Michael Stasis

Although Michael Stasis has left the Bay Area for LA (where else?), we’re happy to see that his delightfully weird pop stylings have found a proper release on Montreal’s Arbutus Records. Stasis, who in addition to his solo work also released a snowboarding concept album although neither he nor his bandmates snowboarded, has compiled something of a “greatest hits” album for RIP III, with selections from his collection of more than 200 songs.

Always one to embrace the oddities of life, Stasis has also shared a video for the track “Necklace”, in which he performs magic tricks to woo a small evergreen tree. What’s not to love? Watch it, buy the album, and see Stasis and his band roll through Oakland at SANTO Recording on September 10 with CCR Headcleaner and White Cloud.


Michael Stasis, CCR Headcleaner, White Cloud
SANTO Recording
September 10, 2015
8pm, $TBD