Hibbity Dibbity Paisano Lonesome Locomotive

Coming back from their cross country venture in their indelible bus (aptly named Mo’Reen), Hibbity Dibbity will be celebrating their homecoming from their 11 city, 9 states “Great American Odyssey” tour tonight at Great American Music Hall.

For those who haven’t caught Hibbity Dibbity live, or who are entertained by the simplicity and catchiness of their name, the band places themselves in a creative place genre-wise. Straddling the line between rock n’ roll, swamp rock, funk, and blues, the band engages through a live show that is energetic and ritualistic (not in a weird way, promise). Expect some healing crystals and good vibes from the band. 

Paisano will also be playing, bringing their self-called “psychedeliquatica” to the grand stage at the Great American. Opening the night will be Lonesome Locomotive, the fusion-blues-jam rock band, who are returning from a hiatus after member Michael Rosen was sidelined in a car accident.

Be sure to head on out and capture your weekly dose of juju at the magical Great American Music Hall.


Hibbity Dibbity, Paisano, Lonesome Locomotive
Great American Music Hall
Thursday, August 27, 2015
7pm, $15 (all ages)