Bicycle Day

Amidst the wave of contemporary bands hailing from the East Bay, Oakland’s Bicycle Day seems to be trying their best to craft a musical niche of their own. With City Streets, their third release to date, the band has recorded a 4-song EP on a Tascam 424 portable studio recorder in order to create their own notable version of DIY sound in the veins of legendary independent artists such as Sebadoh. For these Oakland locals, guitar twang paired with languid vocalizations eventually seem to work their own way out to form a musically cohesive and enjoyable structure.

All tracks were recorded by Ronald Langford, a member of the band, at Jack London Rehearsal and at Ronald’s own room — proving that self-made bedroom rock doesn’t always have to be a disappointing effort.

Check out City Streets and more of their releases on their Bandcamp, pick up a copy of the cassette through the Oakland label Digital Regress, or stream the EP below.