The Oakland trio of Phosphene has launched a crowdfunding campaign in support of their second full length album Breaker. Rachel Frankel (Vocals, Guitar), Matt Hemmerich (Drums), and Kevin Kaw all return following their summer 2014 debut. This round has them camped out at Different Fur Studios with Sean Paulson (Tobias Jesso Jr, DIIV) recording a six-pack of new shoegazey indie rock. Two of which have been rolled out earlier this year; “Silver” and “Be Mine”.

This is the second consecutive record the band has helped fund by bringing in the good people of the internet. They’ve upped the ante in their goal which will go to help cover the always multiplying costs involved in stitching an album together from studio time to packaging. Thankfully, the perks of crowdfunding also lead to the artists developing some limited edition perks for fans, the highlight here being art designed by front woman Rachel Frankel. You can find a sampling of her projects at Speakeasy Illustrations. Get all the details from their video below and visit Indiegogo to contribute.

Your next chance to catch Phosphene will be at Neck of The Woods in early September. You’ll be able to donate in the real world at the show while getting a sneak peek of some of the new material. Everybody wins.

Field Division, Phosphene, Oceanography
Neck of The Woods
September 5, 2015
9pm, $7, (21+)