Guy Fox

Oakland’s Guy Fox has steadily been releasing individual tracks and EP’s for several years now, but they’re finally set to release their debut full-length LP Night Owl August 22. The band has come a long way since we first wrote about them nearly three years ago. On Night Owl, they retain their fun dance party vibe, but they’ve grown as musicians and expanded sonically. Night Owl was recorded entirely at Tiny Telephone with James Riotto, and they describe it as “truly a studio record”. That’s perhaps most evident on the track “Antique Furniture”, which is kicked off with synths punctuated by heavily modulated saxophones before an array of synths, distant vocal “ooh’s” and shimmery lead vocals.

Guy Fox celebrates the release of Night Owl with a show Saturday at the Rickshaw Stop. Despite the plethora of studio effects on the album, anyone who caught their set at The Bay Brewed knows they haven’t lost their touch as a live band – it’s sure to be a good time. City Tribe and Kendra McKinley support.

Guy Fox, City Tribe, Kendra McKinley
Rickshaw Stop
August 22, 2015
8:30pm, $10