Saturday night’s show with Beautiful Machines, Le Vice, Low Country Kingdom and headliners Coo Coo Birds at Great American Music Hall brings a motley crew of bands together under one roof. Though different in sound, all bands share at least one common denominator – they’re local San Franciscans.

So whether you’re in the mood for some future new wave a la Beautiful Machines, the self-proclaimed “Urban-Indie-Rock-Electro-Funk-Hip Hop-Pop” sounds of Le Vice, the genre-defying beats of Low Country Kingdom, or the psychedelic rock n’ roll vibes of Coo Coo Birds, there’s a little something for everyone. Not to mention that the “Birds” will be traveling (with fans and ticket-holders in tow) in their always entertaining psychedelic school bus. Although one wouldn’t expect less theatrics from a band that’s already toured half the Western world, playing with many bands along the way (including The Stone Foxes).

Coo Coo Birds, Low Country Kingdom, Le Vice, Beautiful Machines
Great American Music Hall
August 15th, 2015
7pm, $15