Karmen Buttler

Karmen Buttler has charted her way through some of the more notable spheres in the San Francisco Bay Area folk-pop, singer-songwriter sphere. Playing at places like TRI Studios, where she both hosted a live-stream performance and recorded her full-length Daze of Love, Buttler’s soft vocals, emotional stage presence, and unforgettable guitar melodies have paved their own way toward a unique, yet familiar, sound.

Coming off of the release of her full-length, Buttler has a new single titled “All These Lights”, which is a near-enlightenment type of song, featuring 6 minutes of blissful and building instrumentation,  an elegant vocal accompaniment and an overall charming feel. The lyrics are romantic, Buttler’s voice is soothing and the song forms into a story-like tale that unfolds throughout the track in a surreal manner.

The song title fits the song perfectly, emulating a scenery that is vast and endless, but that doesn’t leave you helpless or feeling alone. Buttler writes about the track on her website and the collaboration that shaped the end version: “… Like a landscape that you see first through the corner of your eye that tells you to turn, look, wait, and as it widens into view you feel as though you’re seeing the entire world at once, in one magnificant frame. Something like that, I said.”

You can take a listen for yourself in the exclusive stream of the song below.