Fight Everything Release

Oakland’s B. Hamilton, the project fronted by Oakland’s Ryan Christopher Parks (who you may recognize for his all-caps “internet genius”), is releasing his Fight Everything cassette this Saturday night at a show at the Starline Social Club. It’s a wonderfully odd bill, featuring electronic-based (but really genre-free) music from Go Dark and who knows what from Gay Henry. Hamilton says he’s a fan of bills where “the acts aren’t similar, and everybody is brought together by their love of alcohol.” I must say, I agree wholeheartedly.

As for Fight Everything…well, it’s, been a long time coming for Parks and B. Hamilton. They began recording the album in 2012, lost not one but THREE drummers, and nearly lost the masters in the tragic warehouse fire that damaged Shipwreck Studios, where they were stored on a hard drive.

Now, for the actual music. Despite his delightful all-caps rants, Park’s vocals are often a bit subdued on the album, letting his bottom-heavy bluesy guitar unleashing much of the anger. Luckily, he’s got a voice that could almost be called lovely at times, and he evokes plenty of intensity via his lyrics. And he still manages to get some good wails off his chest a few times in the album, on “As Stupid as the Sun” and “Maison Miscene”, for instance. Here are three songs from B. Hamilton’s Fight Everything, followed by the show details.

B. Hamilton, Gay Henry, GoDark, DJ Golden Gram
Starline Social Club
August 8, 2015
9pm, $10-15

*Editor’s note: a previous version of this post incorrectly stated Shipwreck Studios was destroyed – it was damaged and is currently being rebuilt.