As someone who spends too much time listening to music, I have specific tunes for every occasion. My favorite “LET’S PRETEND EVERYTHING IS OK AND I’M NOT HAVING AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS” tunes are those bands connected to the Burger Records scene.

I first discovered the local scene in 2011 when Hunx And His Punx opened for Wavves and Best Coast. I had found a scene I felt right in. A scene obsessed with nostalgia and just having a good time. With a lot of these bands it’s hard to put them in one genre. They tend to mix all rock and roll, doing it so well that I have given up trying to put them in a specific group. They are just rock and roll.

Cumstain is one of these bands. Every Cumstain show I have been to has just been a killer experience. In the sense, that they kill all my anxieties and just make me be the happiest me. I am not sure if it’s because at these shows I tend to be around a lot of friends, or because the raunchy, fun, and true freedom of their music just makes me forget that life is complicated. It’s probably both.

Primarily located in Oakland, and massively connected to Nobunny and Pookie & the Poodlez, Cumstain is truly something you should get into. The lead, Sean, decided on the name because he wanted a name no one could forget. Not only is it a name no one should forget, but as a band, they are an unforgettable experience.

They have a new cassingle called Hoagie Party! coming out on Southpaw Records this summer. The cassingle was recorded by Jason Testasecca of Nobunny and features Sean on bass, guitar, vocals and Trevor (Pookie) on drums and vocals. The project was achieved in a day and Jason recorded it in exchange for “pizza, beer, cigs, and video games.” They also just released a 7-inch that came out on Goodbye Boozy Records out of Italy, and was recorded in October 2013 by Greg Ashley.