Camera Shy - S/T

From two of the members of Whirr and Nothing, Oakland band Camera Shy is not Whirr or Nothing. All may sound dreamy, but not in the same way – Camera Shy goes toward a more indie pop sound. They kind of make me feel the way Oreo cookies and milk made feel as a kid: comforted and overjoyed, but somehow somber, especially when the cookie broke off into the endless sea of milk. You can hear the 90’s twee indie pop influence in every note and line, which is wonderful for me because I undeniably love 90’s twee. Before I realized what Camera Shy reminded me of, all I could think about was anxious 20-year-old me standing amongst an older crowd of indie pop lovers at the Rickshaw in 2012 watching The Softies reunite on stage. Then I realized The Softies were one of the bands Camera Shy reminded me of, and also happens to be one of the bands that influenced them. Like all modern music and art, they may be influenced by those that came before them, but that doesn’t not mean they are not original.

They recently released their debut self-titled album under Run For Cover Records. You should buy it and add one of the songs to the playlist you’re making for your new crush that makes you feel 14 again.  Well 14, angsty, and confused, but with better taste in music.