Jurassic Party

If you were to search “Ghost Town Gallery” here on this very site, you would see that they have been an on-again, off-again, legendary venue for years. Bands that have graced its stage include The Babies, Uzi Rash, and Nobunny, (rumor is there was even a bouncy house). They were quiet for a while, but now Ghost Town Gallery is back and they’re coming back with a big bang. This Saturday, a Jurassic Party is set to explode. Local bands Apache, who recently played (Burger Boogaloo), Pookie & the Poodlez, Cumstain, and Jesus Dude Mom are planned to make a roar so loud even the largest virtual T-Rex would be jealous. This is set to be one of the most energetic themed parties you may get to attend until Halloween rolls around, (which isn’t too far away, but that’s not the point).

I have personally sat on the floor of Ghost Town Gallery watching the host of this fair event build a giant papier mache tree in preparation, and that’s not all they built. This event is going to include prehistoric and 90’s nostalgia jumping off the walls, and if you miss it? Well, that’s cool, you dweeb.

The party is this Saturday, August 1st. Sadly, this is also during the weekend that the tunnel that brings SF and Oakland BARTers together is shut down for repairs. So if you’re coming from SF to Ghost Town, you’ll have to plan ahead. Find a friend who likes dinosaurs and parties with a nice car or take one of those TAXIs I hear still exist. There’s also the ferry and the NL bus from the Temporary Transbay Terminal to West Grand and Market in Oakland, which is about a block away from the show.



Apache, Pookie & the Poodlez, Cumstain, Jesus Dude Mom
Ghost Town Gallery 
August 1, 2015
8pm, $5