San Francisco’s Father President  have released their new album Swim for Your Country This Friday at Bottom of the Hill, they will be celebrating the release, and you can join by giving the doorman 10 dollars and putting on your best socially acceptable smile. The new album was recorded at San Francisco’s very own Light Rail Studios by Nick Dumitriu. At this moment, I am sitting here listening to the new album, feeling a strange nostalgia for a time during which I was not alive, feeling as though everything’s OK, and I am at a show surrounded by all my friends. When in reality I am at home writing and surrounded by some empty chip bags and my cat.

At this release party not only will there be music being played, albums being sold, merch and people flying all over, but also two other local bands performing: Blisses B and Slouching Stars. All these bands are known for “oozing good vibes”, and what better way to spend a Friday night than celebrating with friends and new found friends.


Blisses B, Father President, Slouching Stars
Bottom of the Hill 
July 31, 2015
8:30, $10 (21+)