Great American Spirit Ball

Wildly described as “a pageant of bizarre and the occasion to channel the spirit animal inside of us all” by Be Calm Honcho band member Shannon Harney, this Saturday at the Great American Music Hall will feature The Great American Spirit Hall, with Royal Jelly Jive, Be Calm Honcho, Rainbow Girls and Brass Magic.

Brass Magic, probably best known as the band who plays at Madrone Art Bar every Tuesday in the city (and who I’ve admittedly dropped important plans to go check out) will be opening the night, bringing their big, hip-hop-rap-soul-infused dixieland jazz band sound to open the night. Rainbow Girls, whose newest album Perceptronium just came out last month, play some funk-soul vibes that get really creative and diverse. Be Calm Honcho, who released their hit track “Step Out” about a year ago with a free download, brings a mix of blues, indie, and pop to the night with Shannon Harney’s powerful vocals, a throbbing rhythm section and melodies that will play in your head for nights to come (in a good way).

Celebrating a vinyl release, gypsy-jive band Royal Jelly Jive will be headlining this show and bringing their “hard-swingin’ soul jive” to the night. The band’s sound is a mix of some deep and heavy stand-up bass lines, haunted vocal melodies from Lauren Bjelde, and the added twist of trumpets, clarinets and saxophones. With a sound reminiscent of a musical carnival that you wish your parents took you too, Royal Jelly Jive will be bringing a fun, unorthodox and creative ending to a night filled with strong and eclectic acts.

If you’re coming from the North Bay (Petaluma / Santa Rosa), the band is selling tickets to their Hootenanny Express Bus, and will be taking attendees from the North Bay to the venue and back. Also, every attendee is encouraged to come to the show in a costume of their respective spirit animal. Don’t be the odd one out! (And the panda bear is taken by me, so…)

Royal Jelly Jive, Be Calm Honcho, Rainbow Girls, Brass Magic
Great American Music Hall
July 25, 2015
8pm, $18 (all ages)