Speedy Ortiz

Outside Lands is fast approaching, and with the festival comes many great musicians, some of which wander to other more affordable venues. Speedy Ortiz is one of these musicians. Not only have they been getting a lot of press due to their sound and originality, but they’re also playing Outside Lands and Rickshaw Stop on the same day. Lead singer Sadie Dupuis, who originally started the band as a solo project, has since opened the door to the 3 more musicians.

Dupuis is already becoming a feminist icon with her undeniable effort to make the indie-rock-scene a female friendly space. Her lyrics are bluntly feminist and proud. She has taken the chance to publicly break all gender and sexual stereotypes, and make people realize that there’s more than two sides of everything and everyone. Sadie is unapologetically herself, not only in interviews, but with lyrics like “Boys be sensitive and girls be, be aggressive” from the song “Mr. Difficult” on their sophomore album Foil Deer. Rickshaw show details are below.

METZ, Speedy Ortiz, Dilly Dally
Rickshaw Stop
August 7, 2015
9:30pm, $20 (All Ages)