total bettys

“I wanna get arrested together,” The Total Bettys sing on their new single, “No Kings,” “I wanna get tested together / I wanna get lost in Amoeba / I’ll never buy anything.” Such a stanza perfectly captures the tone of this four-piece pop-punk band’s soon-to-be-released debut EP Connect With The Couch: partly facetious, often smile-inducing, but earnest at the core. The emotions may be coated with wit, blistering beats, and grungy guitars, but the sincerity in the words shines through, replacing overused irony with genuine feeling.

The EP drops later this week at their show at Oakland’s Octopus Literary Salon. Recorded in guitarist Bri Barrett’s apartment and mixed by Matt Regan of Hand and a Half Records, it is a jocular gem full of big melodic hooks and boundless energy. And to top it all off, a free zine designed by the band will accompany the record’s release.

The Total Bettys, San Marcos
Octopus Literary Salon
July 24th, 2015
7pm, free (all ages)