Avi Vinocur
Long-time local musician Avi Vinocur has released a new solo record, Portraits With No Color, his first in nine years.

The record isn’t brand-new — it’s comprised of songs recorded over the course of nearly a decade, in gaps between his time in various local bands. “Many of these songs were written and recorded right after I stopped playing with The (Stone) Foxes,” he says in an email. “It’s not a particularly uplifting music, but is the product of me finding myself musically over 8 years.” The record is being released through Vinocur’s Bandcamp page, on a pay-what-you-want basis. Listen to “Everything I Have Belongs To You” below.

Vinocur’s made his name both as a solo artist and as a part of various local bands, including The Stone Foxes. He’s currently on guitar and vocals in bi-coastal band Goodnight, Texas. Catch them on tour with fellow San Franciscans The Family Crest through the end of the month.