Photo: Sam Williams

Girlpool’s debut LP Before The World Was Big has come to make you feel at home in that little corner of your bedroom where you cradle yourself in denial. It came out on June 2, but if you haven’t listened to it, the time is now. Somehow angry, somehow bitter, somehow hopeful, Girlpool, the LA duo of Harmony & Cleo, is the perfect blend for the modern age. If you’ve currently been revisiting the 90s, be it from a young eye or a perfectly aged eye, they’re all the angst you could’ve ever dreamed of. Especially, at a time where mid-life crises are only coming sooner and hitting harder. When all you really want is to meet someone off Okcupid, but your anxiety has only grown stronger. With lyrics like “It will make me feel better/ Knowing you watch me like the moon/ Truth is that I am working/ For myself and only me (‘Cherry Picking’).”

Girlpool gets it. They know how it feels to long for something more, new, and meaningful. They know the frustration and that frustration is what brought them to create. They aren’t the most mind-blowingly talented musicians out there, nor the most aged, but they have the need to say something – something many of us, no matter how old, still have trouble saying. No matter how gross and real it really is, they say it and they make you want to say it with them, loudly and uncontrolled.

Girlpool is under Wichita Recordings, recently released a new video, and are going on tour. One of their stops is at our very own Slim’s, supporting Joyce Manor. It’s not until October 24th, but knowing how loved these musicians currently are: Buy the tickets now. 

Joyce Manor, Girlpool
October 24, 2015
8pm, $16, (6+)