Oakland instrumental post-rock outfit Unconditional Arms came into the world only two years ago, but has already given us five releases and in just about every format possible. The four piece is now preparing to bring their existing catalog of billowing ambient rock to life with a ‘career spanning set’ tonight at Oakland’s Santo Studio.

What originally began as a project dedicated to creating a gift to guitarist Jeff Wright’s newborn son has since evolved to a full time project where, when placed in a live setting, becomes a complete sensory overload. The slow burn of their music is only further enhanced by their minimal yet explosive lighting preferences consisting of only manually triggered flood lights resting aside each member.

It’s fitting that the band, in partnership with NYC based label The Native Sound, has decided to document this event. The audio and video will later be released. I asked Jeff about what led them to host such an event at this stage:

We’ve been wanting to do a live release for awhile. When Kinship came out, those songs were adapted by the four us for a live setting – each member contributing something unique and not found on the recordings.  We wanted to capture that, and our progress since that time. Julio (The Native Sound) was very enthusiastic about getting the release going… In addition to all of this, we have a good amount of new material on the horizon so it just seems fitting to play all of these in succession, and document it, before we move forward.

Fans of Explosions in the Sky, Caspian, and San Francisco’s own The Union Trade will feel right at home here. Grab your tickets now as seating is limited to an intimate 35 people. Watch the video for “The Family Tree” below featuring flashes of their full force live show.

Unconditional Arms
Santo Studio
July 17, 2015
7pm, $10