Listen up, “Kids in America” or the Bay Area or ya know wherever you live. I’m here to inform you, the band that was the first band to ever get “Kids in America” stuck in my head are going to be in SF this weekend. I’m not talking about any of the Jonas Brothers, although they did do a rendition of the song called “Kids of the Future.” I am talking about the Kim Shattuck led band The Muffs. Kids, this weekend is your chance to see a still-going-and-living 90’s band that had a song in the 1995 cult classic Clueless. This is not as rare as it was a couple years ago, when 20 year olds still pretended to hate Pokémon, and kids born in 1999 still thought we were weird for wearing our old Pikachu shirts casually. 90’s bands are popping back up all over the place, but rarely can you go see them for less than 20 dollars at a personal and historical venue like Brick & Mortar. Not only that, the supporting acts are local Oakland bands Pookie & the Poodlez and Courtney & the Crushers.

The Muffs released their first album in 10 years, Whoop Dee Doo in July 2014 on Burger Records.

The Muffs, Pookie & the Poodlez, Courtney & the Crushers
Brick & Mortar
July 18, 2015
9pm, 12-15$ (18+)