654 Presents is a production group that has been throwing shows in the Bay for only a year now, and from my perspective at least, there doesn’t seem to be any genre preference, other than the fact that most of these bands are underground and play music that could broadly be categorized as punk. Matt Bartels, who spearheads the operation, has recently started to book shows at North Berkeley’s long running punk stronghold Gilman, and in conjunction with the rest of the crew there is throwing a massive three day festival entitled Resurrect California.

In my experience, the Bay’s scene has had its ups and downs, but is currently thriving more than ever. Over the July 4th weekend I saw an event page for a show that featured 9 new bands. Longevity for music groups in the Bay is notoriously short, but there’s certainly no lack of artistic drive or community.  

The festival’s name seems a little misleading to me, but regardless, it’s an impressive feat to get all these bands to Berkeley in a three day span. With bands like ACxDC, Gag, Destruction Unit, Breakdown, Bold, The Coltranes, and Sabertooth Zombie, the festival will definitely have a strong draw with the hardcore community, and is a great first of this caliber from 654.

The festival is happening in September and the lineup was just announced, and for anyone of hardcore inclinations, it’s recommended you snag a ticket fast, as day passes will most certainly be going quick. Check in with the 654’s and Resurrect Cali’s respective Facebooks for info on which bands will be scheduled on each day. Keep an eye out for future 654 productions, as they’re becoming one of the go to organizers for underground events in the bay.