Garage punk act Spit Tips hails from the East Bay and is comprised of Izzy Maturana on guitar and Rory Elliot on drums and vocals. Having been jamming together as friends for over a year, the duo officially started playing music together in the band last December. Their self-released demo that was posted on their Bandcamp earlier this year in April is notably recorded by Jeffrey Cheung of fellow Bay Area act Meat Market.

With an energy-packed demo that runs a little over 10 minutes, Spit Tips prove that they are more than just young musicians to overlook through their capability of electrifying listeners with heavy melodies and rhythm. Beginning with track “Underthere”, a flood of head-banging riffs and screeching vocals create a pleasing discord of tumultuous yet stimulating musical elements that carries listeners through the deluge until “Will Ya”.

The duo has played numerous shows throughout the Bay Area, notably having one of their first shows alongside acts Meat Market and Religious Girls at the fundraising effort to save Lobot Gallery in West Oakland that drew in large community support and audience turnout.

Catch this duo in action with The Peels at Oakland’s One Fam Community Event Center on July 21.

Spit Tips, The Peels, Pit Stains, Joiner
One Fam Community Event Center
July 21, 2015
8:30PM, $6, All Ages