Lil Dowager
(Lil Dowager at The Honey Hive, SF)

A little over a month ago Oakland spazz-jazz noise trio Lil Dowager released their second EP, Never Too Late to Hate, which expands on the wild, careening punk sound they established with last year’s Attorney at Law.

Now they’ve stitched together a video for “Bible History Month”, the EP’s third song, and one of its more approachable tracks, opening with an insane set of drum rolls before breaking into a lurching beat accented with moaning leads. The video captures the band’s fun, ‘no fucks given’ attitude, and their quirky sense of humor. Lots of harsh, pixelated live footage, goofy 90’s dance clips, and a strange man in a blue tank top playing an acoustic guitar in some choice environments. The song ends in a haze of drum fills, and its smoldering, sparking finish is set to a crowd of cheerleaders striking poses. There is a shit ton of drum fills. Check out the hilarious video below, and catch their headlining set at 1234 Go! records later this month. ~

Lil Dowager, Eat Strike, Holy Lands
1234 Go! Records
July 24th, 2015
7pm, All Ages