Negative Press Project
Photo by Amelia Kennedy

Bay Area group Negative Press Project describes themselves as “a seven-piece electro-acoustic jazz/indie-rock–inspired original music collective”.  Co-led by musicians Ruthie Dineen and Andrew Lion, they have announced work on their debut full length release.  They’re asking for help from fans, so if you feel so inclined, take a look at their crowdfunding page.

Negative Press Project is an eclectic group. A lot of genre jumping goes on, but the main idea is pretty straight forward:  stellar playing. The musicians in the group are all incredibly talented! Dineen (keyboards) and Lion (bass) compose the pieces, which are all open for quality improvisation from the best of the bay. 

The lineup for this album will include Chris Sullivan (Alto Sax), Tony Peebles (Tenor Sax), Rafa Postel (Trumpet), Alex Doty (Guitar), Matthew Charles Heulitt (Guitar), Gawain Mathews (Guitar), and Jason Lewis (Drums).  They always deliver thrills at their live shows, playing songs that range from the intense barrage of sax notes during the solo on “Fleeced”, to the textural explorations on “Earthquakes & Landings”.

Versatility abounds, and they always look for new ground to explore, so watch for their album, and contribute if you’d like to!