future shapes

When Future Shapes told me they had a new music video to share, I was expecting a freakout and, thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. “Tear Me Apart,” the second single off their recently released split EP with dot Vom, is like a prom song on downers, the pretty melody disguised by droning vocals and a spacey beat.

The accompanying video is even more of a trip. Remember when you used to drop acid and watch VHS tapes? Yeah, it’s kind of like that – an explosion of distorted images and washed out colors. You’re not quite sure what the hell is going on, you just know that whatever it is, it’s not normal.

You can check out the band live tonight at the Hemlock Tavern with alt-rockers Summer Peaks and garage pop outfit Union Pacific.

Summer Peaks, Union Pacific, Future Shapes
Hemlock Tavern
July 2, 2015
8:30pm, $7 (21+)