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Maybe you’ve attended the festival before or perhaps a friend told you about the sun and the beer and the bands at Phono del Sol. Either way, we’ve put together a list of eight things we bet you didn’t know about our trademark festival. Down the rabbit-hole of trivia we go — and don’t forget to impress your friends with this knowledge on Saturday, July 11 for this year’s Phono del Sol. Tickets are available now.

1) The original Phono del Sol in 2010 featured five bands and five food trucks on only one stage. No beer garden, no cocktails, no second stage on the field (in fact, that’s where the bathrooms were), no vendors, and yet, we still had about 1,000 people join us in Potrero del Sol Park.

2) Phono del Sol is organized and produced entirely by volunteers. That’s right — there is no paid staff putting this festival together. At The Bay Bridged, it’s a (serious / scary) labor of love — the fest takes no less than 9 months of planning and promotion. If you want to organize a festival this big, cancel the rest of your plans for the year.

3) Phono del Sol is the flagship event for The Bay Bridged — we’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting Bay Area independent arts and media and the festival helps us put local bands on a huge stage, with proceeds helping to fund our blog coverage and other activities throughout the year, and draw attention to a beautiful park in the Mission.

4) The Potrero del Sol skatepark — which opened in 2008 — is San Francisco’s largest skatepark.
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5) This year’s festival will be the first ever to feature “off-menu” cocktails designed by Cease & Desist’s ingenious bartenders — expect creative and killer drinks designed around whiskey, vodka, and rum.

6) No one has ever been injured attending Phono del Sol. But you already knew that. Stay safe out there, kiddos, and let’s keep it that way.

7) Last year, Oakland electronic artist Dan Casey of Yalls played his set despite being very ill. We appreciate his Michael Jordan-esque dedication. Flu-sets are the best sets…

8) In the last three years, Phono del Sol attendees have consumed over 10,000 beers from Lagunitas at the festival. That’s about the same volume as 62.5 kiddie pools (should we bring actual kiddie pools this year? No? Ok, fine) so stay thirsty. And don’t forget: the bar is cash only this year.