SinSerious is the project of Alex and Jordan Powell – two brothers who have been refining their craft under various monikers for years now, honing their flow in San Diego and arriving at their current iteration here in San Francisco.

Often performing under the names Ace Diego and Gamma, the two have been releasing music as a unit since mid 2012. Their brand of bouncy, thoughtful hip-hop prioritizes optimism and word play; crackling vinyl sounds and goofy samples about champagne litter the record and compliment its casual atmosphere.

Their efforts caught the attention of MF Grimm, a storied MC from New York whose label Day by Day Entertainment features underground hip hop artists like MF Doom and Ayatolla. They coincidentally ran into him after an impromptu recording session in San Diego, and the chance encounter turned into an all day hangout. Their latest release, Peace Kings Plan B, is their first for Grimm’s label. It’s 10 tracks of vibey, jazzy hip hop that details the day to day of the two, and more than hooks or melodies is based around their storytelling and rapid word play. Sometimes it feels so stream of conscious that it carries that difficult to discern quality of most freestyles. The strength of the release lies in the mellow, familiar energy it exudes, and the speedy, twisting flow the brothers wield.

Listen to Peace Kings below, and scour through the two’s prodigious catalog.

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