Crosss are a band that play a strange, unique brand of angular, doomy metal that contradictorily sounds like someone placed amplified instruments in the hands of 18th century devil worshippers, while also sounding like music made by a reclusive enclave of the future, listening exclusively to now-ancient Black Sabbath records and trying to emulate them. 

After relocating several times since their formation in 2012, the band have settled in Toronto where vocalist and songwriter Andy March also runs his boutique cassette label Craft Singles. Last month the band released their second LP, LO, out on the Toronto label Telephone Explosion, who have worked with like-minded lo-fi shredders like Ty Segall.

Earlier this month, the band shared the music video for their LO single “Dance Down”. Unlike their usual heavy metal noise tracks, this song is a pensive acoustic ballad. At times, the vocal melody sounds vulnerable and sweet, but quickly turns on its head to reveal a smirking, underlying darkness. It’s an interesting choice for a single, especially considering their first single “Interlocutor” was a three and half minute crushing song backed by a music video of a man being brutally tortured. The new video is a stop motion collage of stark imagery that conveys a sense of being watched from a distance. Check it out below.

In support of the new LP, the group have announced a thorough tour of Canada and the U.S. that sees them playing dates with bands like Metz and Viet Cong. Their San Francisco show just happens to be one of Communes’ free Elbo Room shows, so come check out this trio of occult worshippers in the flesh.

Wild Moth, Crosss, White Cloud
Elbo Room
July 8th, 2015
+21, FREE